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Having such an inspirational athlete as your trainer is truly motivating. But Jolaine does more than just inspire. Jolaine finds a way to help all of us reach our individual goals. Whether we want to lose some weight, recover from an injury or build strength Jolaine has 1000 different ways to make our goals happen. Recovering from injury can be a challenge at a regular gym where instructors aren’t trained to offer substitutions. Jolaine has an amazing repertoire of exercises that can be substituted to avoid a previous injury and even more mobility stretches and auxillary exercises to help avoid future injuries.
If you want to learn gymnastics movements or olympic lifts Jolaine is truly one of the most qualified instructors. Before you know it you’ll be making snatch jokes with the rest of the herd as they warm up their olympic lifts! Olympic lifting is one of the best ways to build strength by using functional movements that include your whole body.



Stephen McIntosh – Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting Coach


-Three years of experience coaching at Endeavor Fitness                                                                                                                                                                                               -2019 Louise Eberts Advanced Level Three Gymnastics Seminar, 2018 Michael Cohen Olympic Lifting Seminar, 2017 Dr.Ryan DeBell Movement Fix Seminar

Lainey Wilson – Level One CrossFit Trainer


-Three years of coaching at Endeavor Fitness                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -Coordinator and Programmer for “The Snow Slam,” CrossFit competition at Endeavor Fitness
-Super Fit kids coach, P.E. teacher at David Thompson Secondary School
-Louise Eberts gymnastics seminar 2019 and 2017, Michael Cohen Olympic Lifting Seminar 2018                                                                                                                                                                                       -Dr. Ryan DeBell Movement Fix Seminar January 2017

Athletic credentials:

-2019 and 2018 Can West Games athlete 35-39 years

-2017 Battle of the Barracks women’s RX Champion

Terri Lightfoot – Level one CrossFit Trainer


-Three years of coaching experience at Endeavor Fitness
-Level one CrossFit Trainer
-2019 Level 1+2 and Level 3 Gymnastics Clinic with Louise Eberts,

2018 Michael Cohen Olympic Lifting Seminar

-2017 Dr.Ryan DeBell Movement Fix Seminar