The food you eat can affect your weight, energy and stamina so it’s a pretty big piece of the overall fitness training.  Eating the wrong foods can increase inflammation within your body which can lead to swelling and disease.  On the opposite side of the coin changing your eating habits can reduce the symptoms of many diseases such as MS, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Cleaning up your eating habits can be a difficult process, there is so much misinformation about what is and what is not healthy.  It’s also challenging to try to learn how to eat differently and feed your family differently.  But the results are totally worth it.  Not only will you look better but you will feed better and be able to rock the day’s WOD for all it’s worth!

Jolaine Undershute has a wealth of experience both personally and professionally on adapting diets to meet goals.  As a figure and fitness model she has dieted down to show weight and learned through trial and error the best ways to reduce weight while preserving muscle.  As a coach she has led her students through “Nutritional Challenges” twice a year for five years.  The Challenges allow students to share recipes and work together to learn new habits that can change their health forever.  And boy does she get results.  Average weight loss in 6 weeks is 10 pounds, average fat loss is 2.5%, average 6″ lost and performance on average increases body fat 20%!                                                                            


We are currently offering one on one personalized nutritional coaching which includes detailed macro plans and weekly follow up meetings for adjustments and feedback ONLY $99/month!

 To reach your full potential you need to combine the power of a clean diet with superior training techniques.  Don’t waste your time looking for the easy way… there isn’t one.  Find joy in making your health a priority!”