Why CrossFit?

There are lots of great reasons to join CrossFit!

  1. CrossFit is a combination of gymnastics (body weight movements), conditioning (getting sweaty) and weight-lifting.  The cool thing is that everyday these elements are combined in a different way so we don’t get bored and our bodies don’t plateau.  Cool Right!
  2. CrossFit incorporates high intensity interval training which is the most effective way to improve your health.
  3. CrossFit focuses on CrossFit focuses on full body movements that mimic everyday living.  For example squats mimic sitting down on the toilet, and deadlifts mimic picking something heavy up off the floor.  Building muscles that will ensure your body has the strength you needs to live independently.
  4. You will end up with a strong sexy body that can do cool stuff!  Like pull-ups and deadlifts!
  5. CrossFit will help you improve your confidence.  Turns out being able to learn new things and challenge your body builds confidence.  Getting that daily dose of awesome is good for everyone!

So what’s on the menu?  Monday’s and Wednesday’s combine weight lifting and conditioning.  Tuesday’s focus on gymnastic style movements like push-ups, rope climbs and pull-ups.  Thursdays are reserved for functional conditioning… movements are done circuit style for 45s.  Friday’s are always a delightful surprise… basically whatever hasn’t been done yet that week.

If you’re thinking that this sounds like a pretty full plate… don’t worry all movements can be scaled to your ability level.  And you can start with 2day, 3day  or unlimited packages.  Trust me… you got this!

CrossFit - 2 Days per Week

CrossFit - 3 Days per Week

Crossfit - Unlimited

Personal Training

Are you Special?  Of course you are… but what I mean is do you have a fitness requirement that you are concerned the class can’t meet.  If you need some extra TLC a one on one class might be right for you.  Whether you are recovering from an injury or just starting out we can help you get where you want to go.  One on one personal training is all about you!  Every exercise can be modified to your personal requirements.

Or maybe you just want some one on one time to improve your Olympic Lifting skills or to work on your Muscle Up.  No problem, Jolaine can make sure you reach your goals.

Personal Training

Personalized Programs & Open Gym

Custom Program Design

If your focus is on building muscle or sports specific, a personalized program may be for you. We specialize in Strongman, Bikini/Fitness Competition prep, dryland training for specific sports including hockey and skiing and pretty much any other endeavour you seek.  You will be given a weekly program and video’s detailing how the movements are to be performed.  These programs are designed weekly so adjustments can be made to ensure your progress, whether its strength, muscular balance and/or an improved level of fitness. The programs are  based on a 3-5-day per week attendance, or they can be adjusted to suit your training schedule.

Open Gym:

Missed your class? No problem. You can use the open gym time to catch up.  Monday – Saturday : 11am – 3:30pm.  Open Gym sessions are not classes.  An instructor may be available for questions but until you are an experienced CrossFitter please adhere to the class schedule.

Drop In:

If you are visiting Invermere from another box you are welcome to do a drop in wod.  Experienced CrossFitters only.

Custom Program Design

Strength - 6 Month Commitment

Strength - 1 Year Commitment

Open Gym