Drink the CrossFit Kool-Aid!

How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary!

First you might be wondering why we consider ourselves extraordinary? The answer is simple... we have all achieved more than we ever thought possible!

At Endeavor Fitness we work hard every day... not a surprise to anyone that has heard of Crossfit. It's funny though while we are working hard we are also making friends, trying to learn new tasks, challenging ourselves, and OMG having fun.

Before Endeavor Fitness most of us had tried different fitness programs but before we could achieve any real results we got bored, or tired of the program, or stuck. Most of us had a few kids or a few beers or both along the way and were looking for a way to reconnect with our health and fitness.

Endeavor Fitness is different than your average fitness class. First of all it is a social gathering full of crazy fun people all learning new progressions or exercises. Crossfit has such a huge variety of exercises that everyone is still learning, adapting or improving their technique. Second everyday is different. Crossfit uses gymnastic movements, conditioning movements and olympic weight lifting movements to ensure that our bodies never plateau by getting used to a particular exercise. Third, because we never stop learning we get hooked on gaining proficiency in different movement. You might observe someone doing a pull-up or double unders and before you know it... you're on a mission to "get" the movement!

CrossFit is a universal fitness program that is equally beneficial to professional athletes and brand new athletes.


Ski Racers love dryland training.  Ski racers like Cassidy Gray need to build muscle in the off season to improve their speeds and maintain it during the winter season to prevent injury.  Endeavor welcomes ski races 8 years and older.


Black belt kick-boxing instructor, Luraina Oddy uses CrossFit to round out her fitness training program.  Joined by a number of her competitive athletes Luraina and her team enjoy the variety of exercises offered at Endeavor as well as the focus on accessory small muscle groups to prevent injuries.


Competitive swimmers, like Taylor Lightfoot use CrossFit to improve swim times and conditioning.  After joining Taylor took 20 seconds off her time in 400M!  By improving her conditioning she was able to participate in the B.C. Summer Games in Abbotsford with kids from all over the Kootanies.

Jolaine, a world class athlete manages to do it all. As a competitive professional athlete, business owner and mother Jolaine has a pretty full plate. Despite this, she is ranked 2nd in the world in her age category going into the 2016 CrossFit games. Her gym, Endeavor Fitness gets busier (and more fun) every day and the love of her life, her 6 year old son Alaric helps keep her grounded and loving the small town atmosphere of Invermere. The difference between Endeavor Fitness and a regular gym lies with Jolaine’s expertise in programming and teaching. Because Jolaine isn’t 20 anymore (don’t tell her I told you) she has a keener appreciation for what happens to our bodies over time, babies, beer, etc. This keen appreciation doesn’t mean that she takes it easy on herself (still whooping 20 year olds in regional competitions) or us. What it means is that in addition to watching us all with an eagle eye she also programs auxiliary strength exercises, mobility work, and progressions for basically everything. What this means for you… less injuries and more time kickin’ butt. Plus if you do have a previously existing injury she is well versed in finding alternative exercises to sub in and make sure that you get good and sweaty.

Am I going to bulk up?

Most men love the idea of bulking up, but the ladies aren’t so sure…  They see well muscled competitive athletes pushing 200 pounds above their head and cringe.  Is this going to happen to me?  Rest assured ladies… most of us are way too conservative and lazy to make it to the CrossFit games. lol.  If you are super gung-ho chances are you are working your butt off trying to increase calories and protein to build enough muscle to make it a reality.

For the rest of us ladies we can work pretty hard in the gym without having to worry about excess muscles.  And every muscular gain we make tends to come at the expense of some nasty fat evening things out.  After all that’s what toned really means… reducing fat and building and toning your muscles.