One of the best things about Endeavor Fitness is truly the inspiration coming from all shapes, sizes and yes, ages.

While there are people in all age groups absolutely smashing weights inside the gym and accomplishing astonishing athletic feats outside of the gym, one of the younger competitors will be one that inspires for days and dazzles for decades.

You may have met her. Her name is Cassidy Gray. The 16-year-old young woman who was just named to the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.

Cassidy first came to Endeavor eight years ago as part of the Panorama Ski Team who was taking part in dry land training under Jolaine Undershute. The daughter of member Joanne Gray, Cassidy walked through the doors, put her head down to work and never looked back.

Quite honestly I can remember the first time I had the chance to coach Cassidy. Not only was she one of the strongest in nearly every room (she’s probably close to stronger than me in a lot of movements) she was also one of the most coachable people I have ever encountered. When it came to going through movements for new students, she listened intently in the event that she’s able to pick up something new. When you give her a cue to fix something with her movement, you give it once and she takes it to a level you hadn’t even prepared for.

Jolaine had to agree with me, calling her, “one of the most humble athletes I know.”

Fiercely determined and self motivated, Cassidy is proficient in Olympic lifting and gymnastics plus she has a diversified background in sports,” Undershute said. “Cassidy had a very successful first year in FIS this year, earning a top five world ranking and making the Canadian Alpine Development team. I’m so proud of this girl and I hope to see her on the Olympic podium one day.”

One of the things she said she enjoys about training at Endeavor is the variety everyday always keeps her going.

“I really like CrossFit because there is never a day when you find yourself bored,” she said, humbly not wanting to take all the credit for herself. “Jolaine always manages to help me find a new gear that I didn’t know I had.”

“I prefer CrossFit over going to the gym because it incorporates everything and it also builds mental strength. The community at Endeavor is completely different to anything you would ever get at a normal gym. Not only is everyone there to improve themselves, but they also want to see you improve.”

Cassidy lives by her words every day she’s putting in the work. She gives you everything she has in the workout and when she’s done, she gives it a 100 per cent in cheering on everyone around her.

It’s no surprise that these fundamental traits are carried forward when she competes on the ski hill. While she’s relentless with her work ethic and devotion to her craft, she works harder than everyone to ensure she can make it to Canada’s best stage and ultimately stay there.

While she’s a phenomenal athlete, she says she is surprised that she’s already at the level she is where she’s competing on a national level. When it comes to her recommendation for another athlete looking to join the community at Endeavor, her advice is pretty clear. 

“With that being said, I would tell another athlete that Endeavour is going to help you in whatever sport you do,” she said. “You build a strong base that is able to transfer to any sport you could think.”


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