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Jolaine Undershute

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Two on one Introductory Sessions

Two on one Introductory Session

Before you start in the class… meet the instructors, learn the warm up and stretches and get an introduction to the nine fundamental movements including Olympic lifting.  Introductory classes can be one on one, two on one or even small groups. Two on one rate is $80/hr. Group prices depend on the size of the group, please contact for further details. You must complete three sessions prior to signing up for classes. Sessions are available in sets of three.

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Introductory Sessions

Introductory Session

Before you start in the class… meet the instructors, learn the warm up and stretches and get an introduction to the nine fundamental movements including Olympic lifting.  Introductory classes can be one on one, two on one or even small groups. One on one rate is $65/hr, two on one rate is $80/hr. Group prices depend on the size of the group, please contact for further details. You must complete three sessions prior to signing up for classes. Sessions are available in sets of three.

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Better performance in other areas of my life as well 😉

As I grew up, through to my early 20’s, I was a national level competitive athlete training 6-8 hours per day. As is the case with many athletes, however, once I retired and stopped training I found it very hard to maintain my fitness and a healthy body. All the injuries and abuse I had put my body through began to show themselves. My lower back had always given me issues, and my knees and shoulders started to become chronic concerns. It got to the point where I had knee surgery. I tried everything from acupuncture, chiropractic and massage to home fitness routines and physio but nothing seemed to help consistently.
I started with Jolaine and crossfit a few years back. I would come for a while, start to feel better and then other things would get in the way and I’d have to take a break.
Last year I decided to make a real commitment to my health. I’ve been coming consistently and the changes have been incredible. My back, shoulders and even my knee have all become stronger than ever. I feel more confident with my body and that has translated into better performance in other areas of my life as well. I have never been in as good of shape as I am now. Thank you Jo and Endeavor Fitness!

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High Calibre Training for Rehabilitation

Jolaine’s calibre and understanding of all her clients and the sport, is why the results and benefits of Endeavor have made a significant difference in my rehabilitation from two reconstructive shoulders and knees.  My overall fitness continues to improve giving me the quality of life I so enjoy.  Thank you Jolaine.

Sigrid Sharp

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I am Strong & Healthy now!

One of my goals was to feel strong and healthy but I never really managed to get there with running alone.  Since starting CrossFit at Endeavor two years ago I can say I feel strong and healthy.  It’s not all about how much you can lift (although that’s pretty cool too!)  it’s about the family you join.  The encouragement and support is like no other gym I have ever been to.

Amanda Sharko


Life Changing

Thank you Jolaine for making 2011 one of the hardest and most rewarding years of my life!! I could write a book about this journey covering the last 14 months, it sounds like a long time but it has gone by very quickly. The phrase “ Life changing “ seems to come up often when you speak to other members of Endeavor Fitness. Although I have kept a workout journal for the last eight months, I wish I had started it from the first day and wish I had included personal feelings and thoughts rather than just notes about the workouts. I would encourage this for anyone starting this or any other program. I had been considering Endeavor Fitness/CrossFit for about a year prior to starting. I had a shoulder injury and although not bad enough to keep me from doing most things it was just enough to keep me from any serious training. I thought it would be a waste of time and money to start the program if my shoulder wasn’t 100 %. When I expressed my concern to Brandon he reassured me that they would modify the workouts around my injury and encouraged me to start. It was obvious to me after the first week why the Crossfit training program gets results. Every workout is different, every workout is intense and every workout gives you the opportunity to push your physical and mental limits. It is designed for everyone, your age and fitness level doesn’t matter. The owner/instructor, Jolaine have slightly different techniques that complement each other and add another element to this program, their knowledge and passion for the sport of fitness is obvious, they are very attentive to the individual needs of the members, pushing when needed, backing off when necessary . At 51 years old I had accepted that my best years of fitness were behind me and I would never again reach the level I had in my 20s and 30s…I was wrong! It was an incredible feeling to wake up one morning back in October, look in the mirror and realize that I was now in the best all around shape I had ever been in and not seeing an immediate ceiling, of course age will at some point come into play but I’m hoping not for a number of years. I encourage everyone and anyone to try this. Its hard work, physically and mentally and it gets RESULTS!!!

Two of my favorite Crossfit quotations. “ The size of your heart is the only measurement that matters” And “ Where we face our fears head-on every day”

Shane McKay



A Fun and Motivating Place!

I started working out at Endeavour Fitness in October 2015 through the Inspire Fitness Challenge. The challenge gave me all the tools I needed to keep myself mentally sane while going through a variety of stressful situations. I wasn’t nervous walking into the gym (I am terrified walking into a regular gym especially when I have no idea what I am doing). I love having the workout already decided for me and all I have to do is show up and do my best.

With modified workouts in the first few months, I was able to increase my strength in my core. With a complete breakdown of each item, I was able to learn how to do a lift properly without hurting myself. As I got stronger and more comfortable, I was able to add weight and break new personal records.

With my increased strength and flexibility:
I have increased the amount of time in-between chiropractor visits
I can left my twins up without any stress on my back or hernia
I can walk up a hill or go hiking without having trouble breathing
I have more explosive power when i’m lifting from eating the right foods
I have more endurance in the gym
After a workout I feel amazing and refreshed (mentally)
Thank you to Endeavor fitness for giving me a positive environment to workout in with great friends. A fun and motivating place where I can exceed all expectations for myself when I don’t quit or give up and feel like a million bucks after I’ve completed a really hard workout!

Thank you to the coaches for inspiring each and everyone one of us to be the BEST VERISON OF OURSELVES.

Dara Allan


Builds Confidence

Endeavour to me, isn’t another gym you join. You become apart of a friendly, competitive community filled with nothing but encouraging people and a lot of promise.

I joined around the age of 14 with little confidence and not much knowledge about my body or healthy eating . Becoming apart of the endeavor team, opened my eyes to so many amazing healthy choices, learning about my body and health, and gaining the confidence any young girl should have. You reach goals you didn’t think you could, and taught me many things outside the gym. I will always keep crossfit apart of my life.

Marhyn MacSteven

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I Leave Everyday with a Smile

I started CrossFit at Endeavour Fitness in September 2015.  Let’s just say I was a little underwhelmed with how I was feeling and looking.  I have sine finished two challenges and am officially addicted.  My shape has changed dramatically and I love the feeling of having muscles!!  I try to go 5 days a week because I enjoy it so much!!  I leave every day with a smile on my face, amazed with myself and what I’ve accomplished and because of the cool people that I get to hang out and sweat with!! Jolaine is an unbelievable, patient coach whom has brought me back to life and living.



Best Decision I Ever Made!

Endeavor Fitness was the best decision I ever made.  The coaches here are super knowledgable and very supportive.  They know how to accommodate injuries and a variety of different fitness capabilities.

Workouts are as challenging as you make them and it’s always a great feeling to complete a workout that kicks your ass!

One of the biggest reasons I keep going back is the people you meet.  Everyone is always so supportive.  There are friendly competitions and you’ll never finish a workout alone!

Anna Smith



Keeping up to the Missus

I started CrossFit after I was inspired by my wife, she seemed to be having way more fun than I could ever remember having at a gym.   Within the first year I had lost 45 pounds and was feeling fantastic.

I thought I was in good shape when I was 26 but that doesn’t even compare to the shape I’m in now!

Greg Nyuli


Working through Multiple Sclerosis

I found Endeavor Fitness in July 2012, 3 years after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In May of 2012, I had a relapse which was the longest one I had experienced. It effected my eyes, energy and mood. My sight was blurry and I experienced double vision out of my left eye. I was very tired and depressed. When I started with Endeavor Fitness, coach Jolaine advised me to start clean eating on a Paleo nutritional plan. My hopes were to have my vision back and increased energy. After 30 days of strict Paleo, although I didn’t lose very much weight, my vision improved drastically and my energy levels were phenomenal! The following month, I started the introductory classes 2 days per week. Upon completion of my introductory classes my vision was 100% and I made it through the day without the need to take a nap. I also went off my antidepressants. Jolaine gave me hope! Over the course of the next 4-6 months, I slowly started working my way up to 5 days per week, and I am currently attending 5 days per week and 20lbs lighter! I still follow a Paleo nutrition plan and I notice a difference when I slip up and eat something I’m not supposed too as we all do! I know several people shy away from the gym due to the cost, but I was fortunate enough to have two options, 1.) Endeavor Fitness, 2.) Disease modifying therapy at $1500 per month! This included daily or weekly injections given by myself with a lengthy list of side effects, not to mention no guarantees that they would even work. With this therapy option I was not provided with any nutritional advice or support of like minded individuals to stand behind me or by my side. Brandon, Jolaine, and everyone else at Endeavor Fitness have inspired, motivated, and encouraged me to be the best me and a healthy me. I have turned my life around, heading for a long, healthy, happy one. Thank you Endeavor Fitness, Jolene Pollard.


Partners & Really Close Friends 🙂