On Wednesday, August 10th, Endeavor Fitness will be supporting Brenda Danyluk in her efforts to raise funds for cancer research. We are asking that each student who participates in the Hero W.O.D. donates $5 to Brenda’s journey. The Hero W.O.D. will be run during all normal class times.

“Well friends our great cross-country adventure is about to begin and we couldn’t be more excited!!! As well as driving across the country I will also be running. My goal is to run a marathon in every province. I have two strong legs and a strong healthy body and love to run. And my two lovely courageous daughters Maddy and Emily have pledged to run 10 km of each marathon with me. This is my giving back to all the wonderful family and friends I know or have known who have struggled and lost to cancer, and to those still fighting! For all of you I will do my best!”

– Brenda Danyluk

If you are unable to join us on Wednesday but you would still love to support Brenda please click the link below to do so…


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